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    Copper against viruses fungi bacteria at hospitals

    A group of Chilean researchers had developed a way to protect hospitals and their patients from viruses ,bacteria and fungi ,they have used The antibacterial property of copper to make a fabric which could be used in many tools used daily at hospital ,this fabric made of copper Could make the hospital cleaner and safer for both patients and staff.
    When bacteria for example come in contact with tools made of a fabric containing copper ,this copper penetrates their cell walls ,it changes the metabolic processes in the bacteria and kill them ,The fabric containing copper is developed by chili company Cooper and Demo ,it can be used to made many tools used in the hospital ,the goal is to limit infections being passed between patients and staff ,to minimize the danger of bacteria ,fungi and viruses which come in contact with hospital tools reducing by the way infections and their deadly consequences .
    The company which developed that product says it can remove 90% of viruses bacteria and fungi which come in contact with tools made of fabric containing copper.


    Special lenses for the Blind

    Everyone knows the difficulties felt by the blind people in their daily life ,when they want to move from place to place ,to read a document ,to recognize a color ,to buy something ….etc ,but now thanks to researchers the science has developed a device which could help the blind people to deal with their daily life like an ordinary person .
    This device (smart lenses or intelligent glasses)helps the blind to Recognize object ,documents ,tickets ,colors ,in general helping them in their mobility by recognizing obstacles ,direction of their destinations by GPS ,this high-tech device will be sold between 800 1200 Euros ,
    The goal of these special lenses for the blind is to turn ordinary glasses into a navigation device; this technology uses sound sensors, GPS guides…..etc.
    The blind will see the world differently from the way they saw it in the past, but only the time will tell us whether this device is a godsend for the blind or it is just a simple device without marvelous effect in their life.


    Maven in mars

    The satellite maven is now in orbit around the planet Mars, it reached the Mars orbit after 700 million kilometers ,the Scientifics want to find clues of Mars early history ,how the atmosphere evolved ….etc ,it was an earth like planet billions of years ago ,mars has undergone climate change ,the Scientifics wants to know what had happened then ,it was warm and wet billion of years ago ,but now the red planet is completely cold .
    Mars is fourth in order from the sun next to the planet earth.


    UEFA champions league group stage draw(2014-2015)

    Group A

    Group B
    Real MadridReal Madrid(ESP)

    Group C

    Group D

    Group E
    Man. CityMan. City(ENG)
    CSKA MoskvaCSKA Moskva(RUS)

    Group F

    Group G

    Group H
    Shakhtar DonetskShakhtar Donetsk(UKR)


    Robots in Japan

    Japan is the world leader in robotics ,In Japan due to aging population ,and the reluctance of the government to open doors to immigrants , the searchers in robotics are trying to devise robots with a mission to help elderly people in hospital or homes in their daily tasks ,like helping them to drink a cup of tea to use a medicaments to go to bid ,to shower ….etc .
    But robots had failed to do such home task since decades, could they do that perfectly and better than the human being in the future? , only the time will answer this question but one thing these robots do better than human they do not feel fatigue and they are consistent.


    The trunk of elephant

    The elephant has a better sense of smell unlike any animal ,better than even dogs ,researchers in university of Tokyo in Japan had found out elephants in Africa have the most olfactory receptive genes ,the cow takes the second place .
    African Elephants have more than 2000 different types of smell genes in their trunks, the dogs have 811 ,as for human being we have around 400 .
    But I do not think the elephants which smell better and accurately than dogs will replace dogs especially helping the police in airports and ports to tackle drug rings and terrorism.


    Astronomic mission in chili(Alma mission)

    the scientific mission in chili uses 66 large dish antennae moving in perfect synchronization ,this mission had cost so far one billion Euros and it took 20 years to elaborate and take place ,the project is a joined effort between Europe ,north America and east Asia
    This project is studying comet collisions, massive stars mysterious formation, galaxy emerging and other mechanisms regulating our universe, by gathering information and data, it will form images comparable to those generated by large telescope.


    McDonald’s out of Russia

    During 1990’s the opening of McDonald’s restaurants in Russia was a sign of rapprochement between USA and Russia ,as for now the crisis around Ukraine makes the situation sour and grim between the two countries ,therefore Russia has shut down McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow ,by the way McDonald’s had quitted Crimea after the Russia annexation .
    The Russia food safety watchdog had initiated this shut down over sanitary violations ,the cycle of sanctions between Russia and west is going on.


    Rosetta space probe

    The scientists are very excited about what’s coming up from Rosetta space probe ,they have received many photos ,the resolution is very good of these different pictures of different size .
    Despite huge margin of error in such mission ,this small space craft with a size of small truck ,will land on object (comet 67p) of two miles width and length in a particular day ,that needs a very very precise mathematical calculation ,thanks to engineers and operators all these complicated calculation will be solved , they want to get it to the right place on time .
    The orbit of Rosetta is going to get closer and launch a vehicle on the next November to land on the comet surface; this mission will help human being to know how water and organic molecules had come to earth in order to fill up the picture and gather a lot of data .
    Rosetta space probe had been devised in Germany and launched from France launch space (guyan fraçaise) in central America continent .


    Government mismanagement is going on despite new constitution in morocco

    Whole Moroccan administrations and departments dispose of 110 000 cars used by those working in administration in their administrative job every day ;The number of these cars (100 000) is higher than the cars used in many developed countries like USA, Japan, Great Britain , the cost of daily utilization of these cars ranges from 4000DH (§400) to 1250DH(§125) ,this sum is giving by Moroccan government to those working in its departments every month added to their monthly salary .
    But unfortunately these cars are not used in administration missions only but also for personal use ,do not be stunned if you find these cars prowling the Moroccan streets during Saturday and Sunday two days off in administration ,these cars are used for personal shopping ,vacation, ride through Moroccan streets ;These cars are very expensive compared to Moroccan living standards ,one car could reach between 200 000DH and 1 000 000DH .
    Moroccan religious Islamic government had promised those who have participated in the elections good management ,less corruption, fair justice ….etc but what’s happening on the ground is the opposite .