Astronomic mission in chili(Alma mission)

    the scientific mission in chili uses 66 large dish antennae moving in perfect synchronization ,this mission had cost so far one billion Euros and it took 20 years to elaborate and take place ,the project is a joined effort between Europe ,north America and east Asia
    This project is studying comet collisions, massive stars mysterious formation, galaxy emerging and other mechanisms regulating our universe, by gathering information and data, it will form images comparable to those generated by large telescope.


    McDonald’s out of Russia

    During 1990’s the opening of McDonald’s restaurants in Russia was a sign of rapprochement between USA and Russia ,as for now the crisis around Ukraine makes the situation sour and grim between the two countries ,therefore Russia has shut down McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow ,by the way McDonald’s had quitted Crimea after the Russia annexation .
    The Russia food safety watchdog had initiated this shut down over sanitary violations ,the cycle of sanctions between Russia and west is going on.


    Rosetta space probe

    The scientists are very excited about what’s coming up from Rosetta space probe ,they have received many photos ,the resolution is very good of these different pictures of different size .
    Despite huge margin of error in such mission ,this small space craft with a size of small truck ,will land on object (comet 67p) of two miles width and length in a particular day ,that needs a very very precise mathematical calculation ,thanks to engineers and operators all these complicated calculation will be solved , they want to get it to the right place on time .
    The orbit of Rosetta is going to get closer and launch a vehicle on the next November to land on the comet surface; this mission will help human being to know how water and organic molecules had come to earth in order to fill up the picture and gather a lot of data .
    Rosetta space probe had been devised in Germany and launched from France launch space (guyan fraçaise) in central America continent .


    Government mismanagement is going on despite new constitution in morocco

    Whole Moroccan administrations and departments dispose of 110 000 cars used by those working in administration in their administrative job every day ;The number of these cars (100 000) is higher than the cars used in many developed countries like USA, Japan, Great Britain , the cost of daily utilization of these cars ranges from 4000DH (§400) to 1250DH(§125) ,this sum is giving by Moroccan government to those working in its departments every month added to their monthly salary .
    But unfortunately these cars are not used in administration missions only but also for personal use ,do not be stunned if you find these cars prowling the Moroccan streets during Saturday and Sunday two days off in administration ,these cars are used for personal shopping ,vacation, ride through Moroccan streets ;These cars are very expensive compared to Moroccan living standards ,one car could reach between 200 000DH and 1 000 000DH .
    Moroccan religious Islamic government had promised those who have participated in the elections good management ,less corruption, fair justice ….etc but what’s happening on the ground is the opposite .


    USA economy is bouncing back

    After a chill and paralyzing winter in USA and its bad repercussion on economic growth which was a poor minus 1.7%; but in the second quarter the economic growth had reached about 4% ,jobless rate is now 6% ,it was 6.1% .
    between February and June every month the job market absorbs 200 000 employees ,the score could be 230 000 on July ;this good picture is due to growing consumption spending ,exports and companies investments .


    Moroccan cereal crops

    Morocco in 2014 the production of cereal crops will reach about 7 million tons (due to acceptable rainfall ),which is the same amount planned by Moroccan government in its estimated budget ,this news is good for Moroccan government ,as it relies heavily on precipitation to jump-start Moroccan economy .
    As for the agriculture ,it is accounting for 15% of Moroccan GDP ,just to give you a picture in 1995 which was a drought year the quantity of cereal crops was 1.8 million tons ,bringing about a negative economic growth or close to zero ;but in 1996 the cereal crops production had reached 9.6 million tons leading to 9% of economic growth .
    Morocco farms 5 million hectares for cereal crops ,about 70% of useful farming land ,to reach good production morocco needs to increase the utilization of high quality seeds ,rationalize the water used for irrigation as 30% of manpower is working in agriculture and farming exports makes up 25% of Moroccan exports .
    Moroccan government will stay for long seeing the heaven and praying for high downpour.


    Shaky Casablanca

    Casablanca had witnessed a tragic event which was the collapse of three buildings on the night of Thursday Friday of Ramadan (11 July at 2 am),when people geared up to eat “sohor” for tomorrow fasting ,this tragic event had killed 23 people and injured 53 people some of them (about 8 persons) had been admitted in intensive care units.
    The buildings which had tumbled down are two of five-storied buildings ,and one of four-storied building ,but the most stunning is these miserable buildings are meant for one or two stories not more ,hence the collapse because the pillars couldn’t withstand a heavy weight like that for so long .
    We have seen many collapsing buildings in morocco because of this problem ,a building of one or two stories ,could have more than three or four stories due to corruption which is rife in every level in Moroccan administration for so long ,even the new government did not take stiff measures to deal with it ,at the opposite it seems Moroccan government is normalizing the corruption and bribery , as the courage to tackle such epidemic head-on is lacking and absent .


    Moroccan remittances

    Morocco has about five millions Moroccans working abroad ,most of them are in Europe (about80%),
    They generate every year about six billion dollars (58 billion dirham 2013),40% of this sum comes from France ,10% from Italy ,the rest from other European countries ,usa ,Canada and golf countries.
    This huge sum of money is a godsend for Moroccan government ,because it is used to clog the gap of deficit in Moroccan budget every year since 1980’s.
    As the lazy Moroccan government doesn’t have an industry ,doesn’t spend more than 1% of GDP in scientific research ,it will stay completely dependant on Moroccans’ remittances to tackle deficit and aerate its budget .


    The Bloody Middle East

    In Gaza, more than 70 Palestinians have been killed and many others injured in raids ,last night there were about 306 Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian emergency services. This is the worst attack since the Gaza operation "Pillar of Defense" conducted in 2012 in the Palestinian enclave.
    The Israeli army launched its air offensive against Gaza in the night of Monday to Tuesday called "protective Border" operation, in response to volleys of rockets. According to the Israeli army, more than 130 rockets were fired Tuesday on southern Israel - 23 were intercepted by the missile defense (iron dome) while aviation has targeted 150 sites in Gaza. The goal is to hit Hamas and reduce the number of rockets fired into Israel, but until now without success.
    Middle east is boiling after civil war in Syria and ISIS terrorist attacks in Iraq now we have Israeli aggression against Palestinian people with guilty silence of western democracies


    Earthquake of 7.2 in brazil

    Earthquake of 7.2 in brazilNo team in that famous semi final has ever suffered in the way brazil did during a brutal first half in which Germany scored five times in 19 minutes ;by the way Brazil had not lost a competitive match at home since 1975 , It was a dream dying .

    all results
    Brazil 1 7 Germany
    Argentina(pen 4) 0 0 Netherlands(pen 3)

    France 0 1 Germany
    Brazil 2 1 Colombia
    Belgium 0 1 Argentina
    Netherlands(pen 4) 0 0 Costa Rica(pen 3)

    Knockout stage
    Brazil (pen 3) 1 1 Chile(pen 2)
    Netherlands 2 1 Mexico
    Colombia 2 0 Uruguay
    Costa Rica (pen 3) 1 1 Greece (pen 0)
    France 2 0 Nigeria
    Argentina(a.e.t) 1 0 Switzerland
    Germany (a.e.t) 2 1 Algeria
    Belgium (a.e.t) 2 1 United States