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    Oil price is going down

    Oil price is dwindling since this summer due to many factors ,that is good for the consumer but bad for some producers like Russia Algeria Iran Venezuela ….etc ,some golf officials said if USA and Russia want high price they must be part of the solution ;the price must be attractive for that level of investment in the sector to continue .
    with USA shale production we have a big chess game ,Russia joined Venezuela and Mexico to meet Saudi Arabia oil minister to plan a reduction of oil production from OPEC members by one million barrel a day ,but golf countries said non-OPEC producers must cut first before asking golf countries to join the move ,as you see it is difficult to reach a consensus in this scabrous affair ,Russia is saying it is ready to reduce its production although it is not an OPEC member in order to raise oil price ,Russia finance minister said dwindling oil price is costing Russia 100 billion dollars a year .
    It seems everyone is worried about oil price but no one is ready to take a decisive action ,as you know among five huge oil producer (USA ,Saudi Arabia, china ,Russia ,Canada) ,there is only one OPEC country ,if for example Saudi Arabia cuts production the main beneficiaries will be USA Russia ….etc .
    It is very difficult to reach an agreement ,as some OPEC members cheat on their quotas ,some countries could content themselves with an oil price of 60 dollars as long as the dollar is strong ,and the market is oversupplied ,as for the consumers throughout the world they will applaud oil price bellow 70 dollars.


    USA under snow blanket

    The temperature in the whole fifty American states is bellow freezing temperature ,many states in USA are in the state of emergency ;the national guard has been called in to help with blizzard conditions ,in new York the city of buffalo is expecting more than one and half meters of snow .
    Many drivers are stranded in no where and they do not know where to go ,as for others they are trying to remove and shovel snow from their vehicles ,many had abandoned their cars in the middle of no where and walked to their homes ,by the way a ban on driving is implemented in many regions in USA .
    The temperature witnessed by USA now is among the coldest temperature since 1970’s ;some experts in climatology predict that such weather phenomena like blizzards ,cyclones and drought will increase in the future and get worse over time as long as countries use excessively fossil energy instead of green and sustainable energy .


    Hong Kong and protesters

    Hong Kong is boiling since seven weeks and the deadlock between the protesters and china government is far from over ,protesters said the china government is afraid of listening their legitimate grievances ;protesters have been occupying some area of the city for more than 7 weeks asking for local and open nomination of the next Hong Kong chief executive scheduled in 2017 .
    As for china is maintaining its stance as regards the next Hong Kong chief executive according to the agreement signed with great Britain in 1997 during the recuperation of this city by china from great Britain ,this agreement stipulates china will screen and choose the candidates for the office of Hong Kong chief executive .


    Rosetta sends Philae robot to land on a comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

    European space agency with its Rosetta probe is bound to make the history for the third time, after succeeding in its first rendezvous with the comet, and being in orbit around the comet, now Rosetta is sending Philae robot to land on this precious comet; it is the most important day for European scientists in their life ,they couldn’t help jumping for joy like boys .
    It was just a dream years ago, now this dream is coming through, Rosetta had travelled 6.5 billion km trek in the space, finishing its travel by making a robot land on the comet ,this European mission cost 1.4 billion Euros.
    Rosetta will send back data to the planet earth, especially to European space agency, Rosetta is supposed to work for about 5 months, scientists will learn, many things from Rosetta data.
    Why European space agency wanted to land on comet but not on asteroid ,the difference between asteroid and comet ,a comet is orbiting far from the sun as for the asteroid is orbiting near the sun ,this difference is pivotal for scientists ,because with comet you have ice ,and scientists think the comet is the first one which brought water to earth but also complex molecules ,leading by domino effect to life in our blue planet .


    Russia gets closer to china

    As the investments from west are shrinking due to economic crisis in west especially in Europe and Ukrainian crisis, which is bound to stay for long time ,if it will not get worse in the foreseeable future ;to get rid of shackles of western sanctions ,Russia recently signed a gas contract of $ 400 billion with china ,in their trading Russia and china will use their own national currencies as a promising direction for both countries ,in order to boost their mutual economy .
    China overtook Germany as the Russian largest trading partner in 2010, as for china the biggest trading partner is USA ;50% of economic growth of USA will come from Asia ,that makes this region a real opportunity for creating job ,and economic growth for USA .
    With the regard to Russian currency (Robel ) ,it is not in good shape ,it lost recently 30% compared to Dollar and 25% compared to Euro due to western sanctions and low oil price ;Russia central bank had decided to leave Russian currency float freely without any intervention ,as for the economic growth the central bank had downgraded the forecast for this year and 2015 .


    USA-China deal to save the planet!!!!!

    USA and China had reached an agreement on green house gas emission ,both supported a plan to cut their emission by 2030 ,this agreement was the fruit of discussion of more than a year between the two parties ,USA promises to reduce 25% of its green house gas emission by 2025 ,as for china it promises to reach 20% of green energy in its energy consumption by 2030 ;China says it will reach its peak of fossil energy by 2030 and promises not to go further; both countries are responsible for 40% of green house gas emission in this planet ,by the way the principal energy used in China is coal energy .
    As for Europe it promised to have 26% of green energy in European energy consumption by 2030 ,to reduce 40% of green house gas emission compared to the level emitted by Europe in 1990’s.
    This agreement between china and USA will encourage other countries to reduce green house gas emission and promote green energy.


    India joins USA Russia and Europe on Mars

    India joins USA Russia and Europe on Mars
    Despite economic crisis India had achieved a scientific feat by putting in orbit a satellite around Mars the red planet ,by the way India has become the first nation to send a satellite into orbit around Mars on its first attempt, it is the first Asian nation to do so .
    The satellite Mangalyaan had entered the orbit of the red planet but the message didn’t reach the planet earth instantaneously , because the message needed to traverse the 400m miles (650m km) to Earth ,that means message needed 12 minutes to cross 650 million km .
    Mangalyaan, which means “Mars craft” in Hindi, took off from the island of Shriharikota, the India’s eastern coast about 11 months ago; The (3,000lb) 1,350kg device first headed for an elliptical orbit around Earth before heading towards Mars.
    India now joins an elite club of nations who have successfully carried out interplanetary space missions, and has scored a significant point in its rivalry with China ,and very likely India will be joined by other countries like brazil Iran …..etc; this Success makes India the fourth space power after the US, Europe and Russia to orbit or land on the red planet. The cost of the Indian effort is a tenth of Mars Nasa mission .
    The United States had its first successful Mars mission in 1964 using the spacecraft Mariner 4, returning 21 images of the surface of the planet. The former Soviet Union reached the planet in 1971, and the European Space Agency in 2003.
    Tens of millions of people across the country followed the progress of the craft with their prayers and the prayers of temple priests ,the Scientists needed urgently such prayers as There was a significant chance of failure ,more than half of 51 previous attempts to reach Mars had failed in the past .
    Nasa’s (Maven) mission aims to help scientists understand what happened to the water on Mars and the carbon dioxide in its atmosphere several billion years ago. How Mars lost its atmosphere is one of science’s biggest mysteries.
    The Indian mission aims to study the surface and mineral composition of Mars, and scan its atmosphere for methane, a chemical strongly tied to life on Earth.
    Moneywise Some Indians have questioned the $70m (£43m) price tag for a country that is still dealing with widespread hunger and poverty. But India defended the Mars mission ,for India that will lead gradually to establish India as a bigger player in the £200bn space technology market, even as USA ,Europe ,Russia and China give stiff competition with their long experience and bigger launchers.


    85 billionaires own more than 50% of earth population

    The number of billionaires has doubled, it is now 1600, if these billionaires spend only 1.5% of their fortune, the whole children on this planet could be schooled and they will see an increase of the healthcare.
    These inequalities could damage the growth in the long run, because the children of the poor in general stay in poverty for the rest of their miserable life.
    As for women among thirty huge fortunes we found three women, in 500 great companies we have just 23 women running them ,as workers ,the salary of these women is mediocre compared to their counterpart men .


    Ebola hovers over football Africa cup 2015 in Morocco

    Morocco have decided recently not to host football Africa cup due in 15 January 2015 ,hoping it will be adjourned beyond June 2015 ,this decision is due as you know to Ebola virus ,which have killed in west Africa (Liberia, Sierra Leone , Guinea)more than 4000 people and contaminated more than that number in Africa and beyond .
    Many African countries have decided not to substitute for morocco to host this great football event ,Algeria and south Africa had refused categorically ,as for Ghana and Nigeria many specialists think their decision will not be different from Algeria and south Africa ,because the risk to have an outbreak of Ebola after the Africa cup is more likely if this football event is organized as planned in 15 January in morocco or another country ,as the vaccine to deal with such virus is lacking or in making .
    If you do not know The virus of Ebola, this virus is named after the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), where one of the first recorded outbreaks happened in 1976.
    Ebola is causing a hemorrhagic fever that kills up to 90% of those infected. It spreads in the blood and cripples the immune system, causing high fever, headache and muscle pain, often accompanied by bleeding.
    The most troubling in this affair is this virus was wandering in Africa for four decades and no country in Africa have devised an adequate vaccine during this long period ,that means the scientific research in Africa is very weak or inexistent ;for such disease you need about ten years to devise and find a healing vaccine ,that means a vaccine against Ebola should have been elaborated by African scientific laboratories at the end of 1980’s ,without waiting until now to see western pharmaceutical companies or others to find a vaccine for African viruses .


    The humanity must eat insects to avoid famine

    The humanity must eat insects to avoid famine
    Due to the growing number of people in the planet earth, the human being must resort to consuming a variety of insects to assure one’s survival, as the number of people will grow surely to reach about 9 billion people in 2050, the only alternative to survive is to eat all variety of insects(worms ,cockroaches ,caterpillars ,grubs ,maggots, locusts….etc ).
    This idea is starting to arouse the curiosity of many gastronomic chefs around the world ,With a lot of protein ,nutrients and fats but not bad fats ,but good ones ,the insects is the only lifebelt to save the humanity !!! ,for example eating 35 grams of insects is like eating 100g of steak ,as for the environmentalist ,they encourage the consumption of insects ,for the farming of insects uses less lands and emit less green house gas ,
    In Europe the only country legalizing the farming of insects is Belgium.