USA and races

    USA is a melting-pot compared to many countries ,the majority of American population now is from Europe ,but there are minorities from Africa and Latin America ,but recently this melting-pot example is cracking from everywhere over the acquittal of many policemen after killing citizens of African origin ,as if there are two judiciary system in USA one for the majority and another one for the minority .
    So American citizens of African origin supported by many NGO have taken to the street defending their rights as citizens of a democratic country !!!!, but the risk here is no one in the establishment is listening to their grievances seriously .
    Another African American shot dead but the shooter is freed by the judiciary ,and the fact of having African president didn’t help to erase this injustice gradually and completely .
    But speaking frankly ,did black Americans behave differently when they are in the establishment circle ? the real answer is no ;in 2008 during the onslaught on Gaza ,the African future president of USA had supported the crimes against Gaza ,without any hesitation or remorse ,saying Israel has the right to defend itself ;it is not a secret for person in this planet ,when Israeli army attack ,the first target is civilians and their infrastructure (schools ,hospitals ,houses ….etc ), killing by the way hundreds of innocent people (babies ,children …..etc ) ;Another example, a women of African origin had been a minister of foreign office during the previous republican administration ,she was the backbone of American policy and the invasion of Iraq .
    As you see without going far in this subject ,when African citizens become a member of establishment ,he or she exercises the same violence imposed on African Americans inside USA ,their bad experiences as a citizen of second degree didn’t help them to have different approach once in the power ,when they have the opportunity to make the change they do not do anything useful for the minorities .
    as long as they do not make any effort to change the laws and overtime change the mentality of American majority ,as long as trigger happy policemen can shoot dead as many African Americans as they want without paying the price for that ,the black citizen will be not only the citizen of second zone but the citizen of no zone .


    Champions league knock-out stage 2014/2015

    Bayer Leverkusen Vs.Atlético de Madrid
    Schalke Vs. Real Madrid
    Arsenal Vs .Monaco
    Juventus Vs. Borussia Dortmund
    Shakhtar Donetsk Vs. Bayern München
    Manchester City Vs.FC Barcelona
    Paris Saint-Germain Vs. Chelsea
    FC Basel Vs. Porto

    Group A
    Clubs /P /W /D /L /F /A /GD /Pts
    Atlético de Madrid /6 /4 /1 /1 /14 /3 /11 /13
    Juventus / 6 /3 /1 /2 /7 /4 /3 /10
    Olympiacos FC /6 /3 /0 /3 /10 /13 /-3 /9
    Malmö / 6 /1 /0 /5 /4 /15 /-11 /3

    Group B
    Clubs /P /W /D /L /F /A /GD /Pts
    Real Madrid / 6 /6 /0 /0 /16 /2 /14 /18
    FC Basel /6 /2 /1 /3 /7 /8 /-1 /7
    Liverpool /6 /1 /2 /3 /5 /9 /-4 /5
    Ludogorets Razgrad /6 /1 /1 /4 /5 /14 /-9 /4

    Group C
    Clubs /P /W /D /L /F /A /GD /Pts
    Monaco /6 /3 /2 /1 /4 /1 /3 /11
    Bayer Leverkusen /6 /3 /1 /2 /7 /4 /3 /10
    FC Zenit /6 /2 /1 /3 /4 /6 /-2 /7
    Benfica /6 /1 /2 /3 /2 /6 /-4 /5

    Group D
    Clubs /P /W /D /L /F /A /GD /Pts
    Borussia Dortmund /6 /4 /1 /1 /14 /4 /10 /13
    Arsenal / 6 /4 /1 /1 /15 /8 /7 /13
    Anderlecht/ 6 /1 /3 /2 /8 /10 /-2 /6
    Galatasaray /6 /0 /1 /5 /4 /19 /-15 /1

    Group E
    Clubs /P /W /D /L /F /A /GD /Pts
    Bayern München /6 /5 /0 /1 /16 /4 /12 /15
    Manchester City /6 /2 /2 /2 /9 /8 /1 /8
    AS Roma / 6 /1 /2 /3 /8 /14 /-6 /5
    CSKA Moskva /6 /1 /2 /3 /6 /13 /-7 /5

    Group F
    Clubs /P /W /D /L /F /A /GD /Pts
    FC Barcelona /6 /5 /0 /1 /15 /5 /10 /15
    Paris Saint-Germain/ 6/4 /1 /1 /10 /7 /3 /13
    Ajax /6 /1 /2 /3 /8 /10 /-2 /5
    APOEL/ 6 /0 /1 /5 /1 /12 /-11 /1

    Group G
    Clubs /P /W /D /L /F /A /GD / Pts
    Chelsea /6 /4 /2 /0 /17 /3 /14 /14
    Schalke /6 /2 /2 /2 /9 /14 /-5 /8
    Sporting Clube /6 /2 /1 /3 /12 /12 /0 /7
    Maribor /6 /0 /3 /3 /4 /13 /-9 /3

    Group H
    Clubs /P /W /D /L /F /A /GD /Pts
    Porto /6 /4 /2 /0 /16 /4 /12 /14
    Shakhtar Donetsk /6 /2 /3 /1 /15 /4 /11 /9
    Athletic Club /6 /2 /1 /3 /5 /6 /-1 /7
    BATE Borisov /6 /1 /0 /5 /2 /24 /-22 /3


    Rhino in danger in Africa

    Rhino have never been in danger ,so many NGOs had taken measures to save them from poachers ,rhino had been moved to safer ground to avoid savage poaching ,but before that the rhino are darted with a mix of immobilizer and tranquilizer ,it takes four and five minutes to get rhino on the ground ,and a sample of their DNA is taken ,the horn is microchiped ,soon afterwards another shot to reverse the anesthetic is given to rhino .
    To protect Rhino ,the Rhino are taken to safer ground in south Africa ,because Rhino in many Africa countries are shot dead by poachers for their horns ,these horns are sold in black market ,a horn costs 10 000 dollars a kilogram ,fueled by insatiable demand from Asia ,in which people think wrongly Rhino horns could cure disease lake cancer .
    poachers came from Mozambique ,doing their dirty job ,nothing seems able to stop this onslaught despite draconian measures taken by many African government (military intervention drones….etc ),Very likely the situation will get worse before being better .
    Poaching became a part of their daily survival , Mozambique is becoming a recruiting ground for poachers ,winning about 600 dollars to 10 000 dollars for Rhino horns ,the recruiter go to the border between Mozambique and south Africa ,300 km villages.
    Many poachers had been killed 47 last year ,but the risk of being killed does not deter them from poaching ,as the entire local economy of Mozambique is founded on poaching ,this big business stretches from Africa to Vietnam china Thailand and other Asian countries ,it is a global problem dealt with as a local issue, south Africa is trying to have bilateral legislation with Vietnam to deal with poaching but it will take long time before seeing the result of this campaign against poaching ..


    Google could be fragmented in Europe

    Google is the biggest search engine in the world, there is no one in the planet who does not know this huge high-tech company!! ,but in Europe Google is in the hot seat due to monopoly according to Europe ,because Google is controlling now 90% of internet research in Europe ,and European parliament wants to change that .
    Some congressmen in USA said the threat to impose restrictions in Google is politically motivated ,as for the European parliament ,it is wondering on whether to break this company ,Europeans said they do not have any problems with Google ,at the opposite Google it changes the life of many Europeans for better ,but in Europe we do not have the same legislation like USA ,in USA Google has a dominant position in the market ,but that does not hinder Yahoo for example with it search engine Bing to have about 20% of American market of search engine ;in Europe there is no search engine able to compete with Google .
    European commission come up with many rules to deal with the monopoly imposed by Google ,but congressmen in USA want this process not to be politicized ,because according to Americans Europe is intervening not to protect fair competition ,but to help European companies to be able to take their share of the market even if they do not deserve it ,and even though European do not have a product strong enough to vie with American companies ,but Europeans retaliate by saying Google gives itself preferential treatment and that it is not good for the consumers ,competition and job creation in Europe ,Europe intervention has nothing to do with politicizing the affair .
    Europeans ask European commission to do something to save European companies and job, as for Google , its representatives are saying our services are free services ,and Europeans could visit other sites if they want ; during the last four years Google has come up with four sets of remedies to ease European fair about monopoly ,but after tests made by European commission it has been noticed that Google monopoly is not only still here but getting bigger .
    Now European commission has two possibilities ,the first one is to ask Google to present its four sets of remedies to eliminate monopoly ,or Google must pay heavy fines with the risk of been unbundled ,these two possibilities are in the table of European commission which can be used in case .


    Oil price is going down

    Oil price is dwindling since this summer due to many factors ,that is good for the consumer but bad for some producers like Russia Algeria Iran Venezuela ….etc ,some golf officials said if USA and Russia want high price they must be part of the solution ;the price must be attractive for that level of investment in the sector to continue .
    with USA shale production we have a big chess game ,Russia joined Venezuela and Mexico to meet Saudi Arabia oil minister to plan a reduction of oil production from OPEC members by one million barrel a day ,but golf countries said non-OPEC producers must cut first before asking golf countries to join the move ,as you see it is difficult to reach a consensus in this scabrous affair ,Russia is saying it is ready to reduce its production although it is not an OPEC member in order to raise oil price ,Russia finance minister said dwindling oil price is costing Russia 100 billion dollars a year .
    It seems everyone is worried about oil price but no one is ready to take a decisive action ,as you know among five huge oil producer (USA ,Saudi Arabia, china ,Russia ,Canada) ,there is only one OPEC country ,if for example Saudi Arabia cuts production the main beneficiaries will be USA Russia ….etc .
    It is very difficult to reach an agreement ,as some OPEC members cheat on their quotas ,some countries could content themselves with an oil price of 60 dollars as long as the dollar is strong ,and the market is oversupplied ,as for the consumers throughout the world they will applaud oil price bellow 70 dollars.


    USA under snow blanket

    The temperature in the whole fifty American states is bellow freezing temperature ,many states in USA are in the state of emergency ;the national guard has been called in to help with blizzard conditions ,in new York the city of buffalo is expecting more than one and half meters of snow .
    Many drivers are stranded in no where and they do not know where to go ,as for others they are trying to remove and shovel snow from their vehicles ,many had abandoned their cars in the middle of no where and walked to their homes ,by the way a ban on driving is implemented in many regions in USA .
    The temperature witnessed by USA now is among the coldest temperature since 1970’s ;some experts in climatology predict that such weather phenomena like blizzards ,cyclones and drought will increase in the future and get worse over time as long as countries use excessively fossil energy instead of green and sustainable energy .


    Hong Kong and protesters

    Hong Kong is boiling since seven weeks and the deadlock between the protesters and china government is far from over ,protesters said the china government is afraid of listening their legitimate grievances ;protesters have been occupying some area of the city for more than 7 weeks asking for local and open nomination of the next Hong Kong chief executive scheduled in 2017 .
    As for china is maintaining its stance as regards the next Hong Kong chief executive according to the agreement signed with great Britain in 1997 during the recuperation of this city by china from great Britain ,this agreement stipulates china will screen and choose the candidates for the office of Hong Kong chief executive .


    Rosetta sends Philae robot to land on a comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

    European space agency with its Rosetta probe is bound to make the history for the third time, after succeeding in its first rendezvous with the comet, and being in orbit around the comet, now Rosetta is sending Philae robot to land on this precious comet; it is the most important day for European scientists in their life ,they couldn’t help jumping for joy like boys .
    It was just a dream years ago, now this dream is coming through, Rosetta had travelled 6.5 billion km trek in the space, finishing its travel by making a robot land on the comet ,this European mission cost 1.4 billion Euros.
    Rosetta will send back data to the planet earth, especially to European space agency, Rosetta is supposed to work for about 5 months, scientists will learn, many things from Rosetta data.
    Why European space agency wanted to land on comet but not on asteroid ,the difference between asteroid and comet ,a comet is orbiting far from the sun as for the asteroid is orbiting near the sun ,this difference is pivotal for scientists ,because with comet you have ice ,and scientists think the comet is the first one which brought water to earth but also complex molecules ,leading by domino effect to life in our blue planet .


    Russia gets closer to china

    As the investments from west are shrinking due to economic crisis in west especially in Europe and Ukrainian crisis, which is bound to stay for long time ,if it will not get worse in the foreseeable future ;to get rid of shackles of western sanctions ,Russia recently signed a gas contract of $ 400 billion with china ,in their trading Russia and china will use their own national currencies as a promising direction for both countries ,in order to boost their mutual economy .
    China overtook Germany as the Russian largest trading partner in 2010, as for china the biggest trading partner is USA ;50% of economic growth of USA will come from Asia ,that makes this region a real opportunity for creating job ,and economic growth for USA .
    With the regard to Russian currency (Robel ) ,it is not in good shape ,it lost recently 30% compared to Dollar and 25% compared to Euro due to western sanctions and low oil price ;Russia central bank had decided to leave Russian currency float freely without any intervention ,as for the economic growth the central bank had downgraded the forecast for this year and 2015 .


    USA-China deal to save the planet!!!!!

    USA and China had reached an agreement on green house gas emission ,both supported a plan to cut their emission by 2030 ,this agreement was the fruit of discussion of more than a year between the two parties ,USA promises to reduce 25% of its green house gas emission by 2025 ,as for china it promises to reach 20% of green energy in its energy consumption by 2030 ;China says it will reach its peak of fossil energy by 2030 and promises not to go further; both countries are responsible for 40% of green house gas emission in this planet ,by the way the principal energy used in China is coal energy .
    As for Europe it promised to have 26% of green energy in European energy consumption by 2030 ,to reduce 40% of green house gas emission compared to the level emitted by Europe in 1990’s.
    This agreement between china and USA will encourage other countries to reduce green house gas emission and promote green energy.