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    Facebook In hot seat

    Facebook is now in trial due to Two Facebook users they claim their private messages for data were sold to third parties. according to the suit, that was done without proper consent of users. These two facebook users want the suit to be made a class action, and they want other 166 million Facebook users in the usa to join them in their suit as they are eligible to join.
    Facebook has about one billion users throughout the world in every country there are many users .
    By the way Facebook did not respond to the request because Facebook believes these allegations are useless baseless .


    Etats-Unis gelent (en français)

    La nouvelle année aux Etats-Unis avait commencé avec un temps trés froid conduisant à de nombreux décès à travers le pays, les décès se sont produits en raison des conditions de circulation difficiles en particulier dans le Michigan, Kentucky, l'Indiana et l'Illinois, le plus tragique d'entre eux était une femme qui souffrait de la maladie d'Alzheimer, qui est morte de froid après avoir erré loin de sa maison à New York . De nombreux vols ont été annulés à travers Etats-Unis en raison de froid et de gele , dans de nombreuses régions la neige a atteint soixante centimétres de haut. En ce qui concerne les prévisions, ils ne sont pas positives mais sombres, les températures tomberont à des températures inférieures à zéro, à moins 23 degrés Celsius. Jusqu'à présent, cette tempête d'hiver aux Etats-Unis a coûté la vie à seize personnes dans de l'Est de Etats Unis .


    Iraqi could be Syria one day

    Fallujah is now in the hand of al-Qaida militia; Iraqi government have borne out this dismal news ,Iraqi government is no longer able to control the city ,the government have lost the control of the city once for all .
    Remember when USA had invaded Iraq in 2003, Fallujah was in the hand of al-Qaida for many months ;US army have used then heavy methods and artillery to get rid of extremist militias in the city .
    Al-Qaida members are now controlling half of Syria, and the ultimate goal is to reach the power and topple Assad regime and replace it with religious extremist regime, and spread their ideology of hatred throughout Middle East and beyond.
    The problem here is the country which supports extremism in Syria, they don’t want it in their respective countries, but the tentacles of extremism will reach and devour them sooner or later.


    USA in Winter

    The new year in USA had started with frozen weather leading to many deaths across the country ;the deaths happened due to difficult traffic conditions especially in Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois ;the most tragic among them was a woman who suffered from Alzheimer, had been frozen to death after she wandered away from her house in rural new York .
    Many flights had been canceled across USA due to The blizzard-like conditions ,in many regions the snow had reached two feet high.
    As for predictions they don’t look positive but gloomy , temperatures were falling to below freezing temperatures ,at minus 23 Celsius.
    So far this winter storm in USA claimed the lives of sixteen people in the eastern country .


    Turkey flipflop

    After spending about two years supporting rebellion in Syria by turning a blind eye on arms smuggling through its border ,Turkey today is opening its eyes largely at its border ,because it could not be far away from Syria contamination ,Syria civil war had caused 130 000 dead and many wounded and crippled people ,not to mention the catastrophic state in which Syria economy is lurking .
    Turkish security forces have seized a large shipment of weapons on the Syrian border; three people were arrested ; They claimed that they were carrying aid on behalf of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation ,it is a Turkish NGO, however, by the way this Turkish NGO has rejected categorically these allegations .
    Many Turkish people hope turkey government spend most of its energy and time dealing with Turkish problems instead of wasting its time stirring civil war in Syria which could boomerang on Turkey sooner or later .


    Dubai the city of superlatives

    The new year have started with a new record ,this new record is not in sport or scientific field ,but in fireworks arena , Dubai has opened the new year blasting old record in fireworks blitz ,it was the biggest fireworks display near the world’s tallest building 800 meters high, The Guinness World Records staff later labeled it the largest ever ; as you know this city is completely obsessed with superlatives .
    The last world record was Kuwaiti ,it was set last year , Kuwait set off 77,000 fireworks over 64 minutes.


    Tim Cook and Apple

    Tim Cook made about 40 million dollars while the company lost 26% of its market value ;you can see easily executive compensation is not properly associated with performance; by the way Apple's board decided this past year to align its CEO's pay with the company's performance.
    But in the market there are far worse cases of CEO's reaping highly excessive compensation while the company stock and fundamentals are going down the drain deeply.
    But Cook collected $1.4 million in salary, a $2.8 million cash bonus and another $36.4 million in stock grants.
    by the way Tim Cook is not an exception in the world of profits of every color .
    But do not forget Apple has the highest cash on hand of any Fortune 500 company ;I hope they have the courage to invest even part of it in many the countries that afforded them to be among the biggest high-tech company in the world .


    Stranded in The Antarctic

    Due to severe weather in the Antarctic a scientific Russian mission ship is now trapped in a real dense pack ice ;this severe weather is hindering rescue efforts to reach this ship ;but An Australian vessel has arrived in to free the Russian Academician (Shokalskiy), which has been stranded since Tuesday.
    But remember ,Earlier rescue attempts by Chinese and French icebreakers were foiled by the thick ice; that means the effort to free this scientific Russian mission ship will not be easy ,as many efforts had fizzled out before ;the risk is not to be able to free them at all ;in this case it will be a blow dealt to scientific mission in risky regions in this planet earth.


    Michael Schumacher

    Michael Schumacher, is in a critical condition after a skiing accident, He was skiing off-piste in the French Alps on Sunday when the accident happened ; This tragic accident took place in the French ski resort of Meribel on Sunday morning; he is now admitted in French hospital undergoing medical treatment . The 44-year-old German suffered serious brain trauma, and he was now in a deep coma ,when he was admitted to hospital ;he was since undergoing a brain operation; since his arrival . Michael Schumacher was seven-time Formula 1 champion . many reports had said his condition was not life-threatening and he will soon walk away from the French hospital with only little damages in his brain.


    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in controversial shrine

    China and South Korea are very angry after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had paid a visit to a controversial war shrine in Tokyo ;China and South Korea have condemned a visit by Japanese Prime Minister .
    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang. said
    “The essence of Japanese leaders’ visits to the Yasukuni shrine is to beautify Japan’s history of militaristic aggression and colonial rule,” .
    The South Korean culture minister added that the shrine honored the memory of the people who inflicted “indescribable” pain and suffering on Koreans during the 1910-45 occupation of the peninsula; and this controversial visit was a complete provocation.
    In this controversial shrine lay High-ranking officials executed after World War II for committing war crimes against Chinese and south Korean people ;the most degrading of these crimes was the rape of millions of Chinese and south Korean women by Japanese soldiers ,then they consider the women of the enemy as a sexual tools to distract Japanese soldiers .