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Electronic cigarette vs. tobacco cigarette!

Title Electronic cigarette vs. tobacco cigarette!
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Created Thursday, 30-Nov-17 19:15:13 UTC
Modified 2017-11-30 19:15:13
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Electronic cigarettes are safer and less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes; This is the findings of the recent British study; But these findings compared with other studies show different results.
According to results of a study that analyzed hazardous carcinogens in the body ,this study showed the use of electronic cigarettes is safer and much less toxic than smoking traditional cigarettes.
The researchers found that the levels of toxins in the saliva or urine of people switching from smoking traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapy, such as nicotine chewing gum ..etc , for at least six months were significantly lower(the levels of toxins in the saliva or urine) than the levels of people smoking traditional cigarettes.
a specialist in epidemiology who prepared the study team said "Our study adds to existing evidence showing that electronic alternatives to nicotine cigarettes are much safer than smoking and indicate that the risk associated with long term use is strongly low" .
Many health experts believe that electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco alternative are much less dangerous than smoking tobacco and they are likely to be a key tool to help public health.
The study found that those who have converted fully to electronic cigarettes or nicotine substitutes they have much lower levels of toxic chemicals, or carcinogens than those who continued to smoke tobacco.
The researchers said that those who have used electronic cigarettes , nicotine substitutes or did not completely quit smoking ,they did not show the same decline in the levels of toxins, and this confirms that the complete transformation could happen for the long-term of smoking cessation.