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Robots obey human being brain???

Title Robots obey human being brain???
Slug Robots
Created Thursday, 30-Nov-17 19:16:58 UTC
Modified 2017-11-30 19:16:58
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some researchers wanted to create a new robot receiving instructions through the electrical signals of the human brain; This technique is based on a new algorithm equations monitoring brain activity in search of certain electrical signals, and pave the way for humans to control robots in the future without any physical effort but only by brain signals .
A robot that can receive instructions through the electrical signals of the human brain, and could change its actions immediately if the robot notices the person who is controlling detected an error; the utilization of such approach can improve the control of robots in many domains.
in order that the robot receives instructions from the user, the robot would have to co-experience with the person wearing the device measuring brain signals controlling the mental activities and communicating with the robot .
Using the algorithm equations devised by the research team, the robot was able to receive mental signals from volunteer monitors during the period ranging from 10 to 30 milliseconds, which means that in the case of any errors, it will receive a letter from the brain of the user to correct these errors immediately.
The human being will take small steps toward teaching machines about us and make them adapt to our way of thinking, it will be wonderful in the future that working robots behave like human being, without being dangerous of course !!! .